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I8569 - Cova dels Diablets, Alcalá de Xivert, Castelló/Castellón, Valencian Community G-PF3148 (G2a) H1ah 4692 Spain - SE_Iberia_CA
I8158 - Sima del Ángel, Lucena, Córdoba, Andalusia I-P214 (I2a) H1ah 4650 Spain - SE_Iberia_CA
QUIN58 - Castelnaudary R-M269 (R1b) H1ah 3600 France - Early/Middle Bronze Age
I12209 - La Requejada, San Román de Hornija, Valladolid, Castilla y León R-DF27 (R1b) H1ah 3250 Spain - Cogotas I