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I0806 - Quedlinburg R-DF27 (R1b) H1 4217 Germany - BK_Germany_SAN
I12209 - La Requejada, San Román de Hornija, Valladolid, Castilla y León R-DF27 (R1b) H1ah 3250 Spain - Cogotas I
I3315 - Balearic Islands, Menorca, Naveta des Tudons R-DF27 (R1b) U5b1c 2809 Spain - Menorca_LBA
UN85 - Urville-Nacqueville necropolis R-DF27 (R1b) H2a2a 2150 France - Gaul
I8206 - Empúries, Girona, Catalonia R-DF27 (R1b) H7a1 2103 Spain - NE Iberia Hellenistic (Empúries1)
SI-41 - Sidon R-DF27 (R1b) HV0a 710 Lebanon - Lebanon Middle Ages