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I2417 - Amesbury Down, Wiltshire, England R-DF13 (R1b) J1c 4250 Great Britain - BK_England_SOU
I4950 - England, Wiltshire, Upavon, Central Flying School R-DF13 (R1b) U5a2d1 4250 Great Britain - Bell_Beaker_England
I5513 - Nr. Ablington, Figheldean R-DF13 (R1b) V 4250 Great Britain - Bell_Beaker_England
I2453 - West Deeping, Lincolnshire, England R-DF13 (R1b) K2a 4122 Great Britain - BK_England_SOU
I2568 - Dryburn Bridge, East Lothian, Scotland R-DF13 (R1b) U5a1b1g 4113 Great Britain - BK_Scotland
I2597 - Amesbury Down, Wiltshire, England R-DF13 (R1b) U5a2c3a 4105 Great Britain - England_CA_EBA
I2566 - Amesbury Down, Wiltshire, England R-DF13 (R1b) K1b1a1 4070 Great Britain - BK_England_SOU
I2452 - Dairy Farm, Willington, England R-DF13 (R1b) H1e1a 4052 Great Britain - BK_England_SOU
I3256 - Trumpington Meadows, Cambridge, England R-DF13 (R1b) T2b 4050 Great Britain - BK_England_SOU
I2447 - Yarnton, Oxfordshire, England R-DF13 (R1b) K1a26 3938 Great Britain - BK_England_SOU
SG27 - Sliguff, Carlow R-DF13 (R1b) U5b2b2 3868 Ireland - Ireland EBA
I5377 - River Thames Skulls, Mortlake, London, England R-DF13 (R1b) T2b 3758 Great Britain - England_CA_EBA
I7577 - Biddenham Loop, Bedfordshire, England R-DF13 (R1b) U5a1a1 3198 Great Britain - England_MBA
I7576 - Biddenham Loop, Bedfordshire, England R-DF13 (R1b) J1c2 3039 Great Britain - England_MBA
I5473 - Boatbridge Quarry, Thankerton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland R-DF13 (R1b) U5b 4200 Great Britain - Scotland_CA_EBA