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I0698 - Yabalkovo G-Z6488 (G2a) H 7900 Bulgaria - Varna_Eneolithic
I1889 - Szederkény-Kukorica-dülö G-Z6488 (G2a) K1a2 6943 Hungary - Vinca_MN
MX204 - Oberbipp Horgen (CH) G-Z6488 (G2a) K1a2b 4950 Switzerland - Horgen culture
RA58 - Muttenz (CH) G-Z6488 (G2a) H7d 4865 Switzerland - Horgen culture
Aes24 - Aesch (CH) G-Z6488 (G2a) K2b1a 4845 Switzerland - Horgen culture
I2792 - Vucedol Tell G-Z6488 (G2a) T2c2 4676 Croatia - Croatia_Vucedol