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merge_ANI159_ANI181 - Varna G-PF3359 (G2a) T2b2b 6566 Bulgaria - Varna_Eneolithic
I15944 - Sardinia, Anghelu Ruju G-PF3359 (G2a) K2b1a 5575 Italy - Sardinia_Neolithic
I15947 - Sardinia, Anghelu Ruju G-PF3359 (G2a) R+16189C! 5575 Italy - Sardinia_Neolithic
BOU4 - Corconne G-PF3359 (G2a) K1b1a 5182 France - Néolithique final 2 (Ferrières)
I1302 - El Mirador Cave, Atapuerca, Burgos, Castilla y León G-PF3359 (G2a) J2b1a3 4550 Spain - C_Iberia_CA