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Ave07 - Avellaner cave, Cogolls, Les Planes d'Hostoles, La Garrotxa E-L618 (E1b) U5 7000 Spain - Epicardial Culture
BICS4 - Bicske-Galagonyás E-L618 (E1b) H39 7000 Hungary - Sopot_LN (early phase)
I1900 - Veszprém Jutasi út E-L618 (E1b) W1+119 6686 Hungary - Lengyel_LN
SEEurope6 - Kapitan Andreevo E-L618 (E1b) 2550 Bulgaria - Thracian?
SEEurope7 - Kapitan Andreevo-Svilengrad? E-L618 (E1b) 2550 Bulgaria - Thracian?
I3583 - El Castillón, Montefrío, Granada, Andalusia E-L618 (E1b) HV0f 1450 Spain - SE_Iberia_c.5-8CE