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ZBC - Pınarbaşı C-V20 (C1a) K2b 15411 Turkey - Anatolia_Epipalaeolithic
Tep006 - Tepecik-Çiftlik Höyük C-V20 (C1a) N1a1a1 8099 Turkey - Northwest_Anatolia_N (Ceramic)
UZZ61 - Grotta dell'Uzzo, Sicily C-V20 (C1a) K1a2 7250 Italy - Stentinello I
Schw72-15 - Schwindratzheim C-V20 (C1a) T2f 7025 France - LBK
I4064 - Sicily, Fossato di Stretto Partana C-V20 (C1a) H1+16189! 6745 Italy - Sicily_MN
I1899 - Veszprém Jutasi út C-V20 (C1a) T2b 6550 Hungary - Lengyel_LN
I2394 - Veszprém Jutasi út C-V20 (C1a) H40 6231 Hungary - Balaton_Lasinja_MCA
I10063 - Potočani C-V20 (C1a) H 6100 Croatia - Middle Eneolithic Lasinja culture